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Street furniture

An attractive and safe environment ensures that all users of public spaces feel welcome and at ease. As a city you can distinguish yourself by giving prime locations an enhanced appearance. By choosing high-quality and sustainable street furniture that meets the demands of the environment, you will help prevent vandalism and ensure the area prospers overtime.

Tailor made solutions for extraordinary street furniture

We would like to help you to enhance the urban environment in your city, municipality or business park. In addition to that we are responding to the ever increasing demand for circular solutions.

Benefit from our decades of expertise in enhancing the appeal of the outdoor public environment! Based on your requirements, we will develop the best possible solution for your specific situation in close cooperation with you. You can contact us for:

  • Solutions to unique designs for all types of locations. Together with our in-house design team, we will design and develop tailored solutions with your specific needs in mind.
  • The uniform design of city centres and shopping centres or neighbourhoods with matching products, or the specific design of a product or product line.
  • Fencing off areas in a manner that guarantees the safety of passers-by and shoppers, for example by using barrier bollards and anti-ram posts.
  • Mobile meeting places with comfortable seating areas for residents to congregate and which promote the mobility of elderly residents.
  • High-quality waste bins in the right places, for example equipped with sensors for efficient refuse disposal, because ‘clean begets clean’.
  • More green in the city by adding plant and flower boxes that have their own water reservoir with overspill function to simplify maintenance.

These are examples of ways in which we continue to work together with our clients to devise new and creative solutions to achieve a healthier, more sustainable and smarter living environment.

Do you have any specific questions or needs? In cooperation with our partners, we will work to create tailored solutions specifically for you. This way you will continue to have only one point of contact and costs will remain transparent and manageable.

Design is experience!

“People sometimes ask me if VelopA products have their own signature design. I don’t see it that way.”

Feiko Withagen is an Urban Designer at VelopA who believes that every outdoor space has its own identity. “Well-designed street furniture enhances this identity without being the centre of attention.”

A well-designed product ...

  • creates a physical link between people and the public space
  • goes beyond fulfilling a function
  • is characterised by understated lines
  • consists of durable and immediately recognisable materials
  • is surprisingly user-friendly

Watch the video to discover what design is all about.



Use our extensive expertise to your advantage

Tailored solutions

We aspire to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs


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Lievenberg Hospital

Hospital | Street furniture | Eyecatcher



Recreational facilities | Street furniture | Tailor-made

The right solution, in the right place, at the right time – always!

Together with our bicycle mobility solutions and our options for sports facilities we offer a wide range of sustainable concepts to make the outdoor public space safer and more attractive. Our solutions are consistently high-quality and have a long service life. This reduces maintenance and management fees and takes environmental impact into account.

CONCEPT | Circular bench

Extremely low CO2 footprint

CONCEPT | Hat-trick

Kick-the-can | Waste bench

NEW | Lounge furniture

Designed by Noor | Enjoy being outdoors

VelopA International - Vivanti bench for the elderly with backrest

Vivanti | give elderly people more mobility in society

Ergonomically designed | Optional: parking facility for walker

Strawberry Smart Bench - smart bench with a lot of features

NEW | Strawberry Smart Bench

Smart bench | Power, connectivity & information