With FSC® wood types, we contribute to the livability for future generations.


You've probably come across it before: a wooden bench or table adorned with the FSC® certification. But what does FSC® stand for? FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and maintaining forests worldwide.

FSC® wood is sourced from forests that meet the strict sustainability standards and social criteria of the FSC organisation. This certification system is designed to ensure that wood products are harvested and produced in an ecologically responsible, socially just, and economically viable manner.

Is FSC® wood truly sustainable?

FSC® wood is inherently circular material. It is inexhaustible when sourced from a sustainably managed forest. Additionally, the stored CO2 remains sequestered in the wood. As wood is biodegradable, unlike mineral or fossil resources, it naturally follows a closed, biological cycle.

Therefore, FSC® wood is the environmentally friendly choice, originating from forests that consider biodiversity preservation, minimal damage to the ecosystem, and respect for the rights of indigenous communities and workers. As a result, FSC wood contributes to a more sustainable future for our forests and the planet.

Furthermore, the FSC® certification on wood products provides consumers and organisations with the assurance that they are contributing to forest protection and promoting sustainability when choosing these products.

Why is FSC® so important?

SC® wood is crucial because it contributes to the protection of forests worldwide.

We summarise the key reasons:

  1. FSC wood is a sustainable, energy-efficient material.
  2. FSC wood combats deforestation.
  3. FSC wood protects the local population.
  4. FSC wood is a solution for businesses committed to responsible practices. You take care of the planet where your (grand)children will grow up.

 FSC® and VelopA

VelopA exclusively works with the finest wood quality in its shelters and street furniture, such as outdoor benches, picnic sets, and park benches. Many of our wooden products are installed in the ground, so we choose wood with durability class I. VelopA supplies hardwood and pine wood with the FSC® certification because we prioritize the environment, sustainability, and circularity. Did you know that VelopA has achieved level 5, the highest tier, on the CO₂ performance ladder? This means that we not only address our own emissions but also take initiatives to reduce CO₂ emissions in the supply chain along with our partners.

By purchasing products with the FSC® label, you are directly contributing to the protection of forests worldwide and, consequently, to a livable environment for humans and animals. Therefore, always choose FSC®.

Opt for future-proof materials for your project

Every location and situation requires a thoughtful choice when purchasing materials for a shelter or street furniture. Discuss the options with us.

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