Mobile-free schools: the time to tackle the schoolyard

Most schools in many European countries choose to create a mobile-free environment. Mobile phones are distracting and cause students to perform worse.

Multiple studies and daily practice show that not having a mobile phone at school has several advantages. Students no longer spend the entire break staring at their phones, but are busy talking to each other. Ball sports are even being played in the schoolyard again. Here are a number of advantages:

Improved social skills: Without the distraction of smartphones, students are encouraged to engage in personal conversations. This contributes to the development of their social skills, such as the ability to listen, show empathy and communicate effectively.
Increased concentration: Without constant notifications and distractions from social media, students can better focus on their schoolwork. This can result in improved learning performance and a more efficient learning process.
Strengthened interconnections: The lack of mobile devices encourages students to connect more with each other. They find other ways to communicate, such as face-to-face conversations, playing together and collaborating on projects.
Promoting physical activity: Without the temptation of smartphones, students are encouraged to be active during breaks and free time. This can lead to a healthier lifestyle and better well-being.

A well-designed schoolyard promotes interaction

An important aspect of promoting interaction between students is creating a stimulating outdoor environment. Invite students to go outside and play with each other or have conversations together. The schoolyard is the place where friendships blossom, where children learn to work together and where they can release their energy. So it must be a place where they can play, discover and relax safely.

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