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VelopA Sector winner INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 2024

'VelopA's mission,' says general manager Chris de Groot, 'is to make the world more beautiful and better.' 'The time when all bicycle parking solutions were the same in terms of design, comfort and safety is far behind us.' VelopA designs and develops bicycle racks, Sheffield stands, bicycle charging points and two-tier racks annually, tailored to international and local needs.

'Sixty-five years ago, VelopA (derived from Velo Parking) began in the Netherlands, with the well-known concrete tile to park a bike in. Since that idea, our company has grown into a supplier of a wide variety of smart and beautiful bicycle parking solutions. From the iconic TuliP bicycle rack to the two-tier bicycle racks that you can find in the large parking facilities at train stations in the Netherlands and many other European countries. And not only that. We also supply street furniture, bicycle lockers and shelters. We develop these products in-house. Of course, in extensive consultation with our international customers. 'Half of our customers comes from abroad'.


When countries outside the Netherlands consider bicycle usage, they often look to the Netherlands as a model. “We have a unique situation here where bicycle use has been decisive for our infrastructure for decades." Bicycle mobility plays a determining role in traffic and especially in urban design. It is logical that there is a lot of interest in our way of doing things from surrounding countries. ProRail's large bicycle sheds at the Dutch train stations are internationally leading. We developed the two-tier racks for this purpose at the time.' In neighboring countries Belgium and Germany - and also further afield - VelopA is seeing an increase in sales of bicycle racks and shelters. 'We take local habits into account and - to some extent - we create variants for each country.'


VelopA follows developments closely. 'Nobody likes it when bicycles are parked carelessly at business premises, in city centers and at stations. With sufficient and suitable racks, parking is orderly and neat again. What we have experienced over the years is the growth of the out-of-the-ordinary bike'. Think of cargo bikes and the increase in different types such as fat bikes. We also develop parking solutions for those.' VelopA’s innovation is not only limited to design or the right application for the end user. 'That innovation also involves improving the work process of the other parties working for the end customer. For example, for contractors, gardeners and other installers who install our products, we try to make the work as easy as possible. With constructions consisting of multiple lightweight parts, instead of one heavy whole.'


Since the concrete tile with bicycle slot, VelopA has continued on the path of 'adapting to and making the outdoor space more beautiful'. 'In addition to a wide range of bicycle parking solutions complementend by various types of shelters, VelopA also provides street furniture, traffic facilities and even sports and play equipment. With the disappearance of cars in city centers, the rise of different types of bicycles, the impact of extreme weather on infrastructure and outdoor space, De Groot expects VelopA to face many challenges. “We are prepared for this in terms of expertise and mindset and will deliver beautiful and tailored solutions together with our clients.”

Source: Rijnstreek Business - Strongest Link

Photographer: Martine-Goulmy

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