Amsterdam’s largest and world’s first underwater bike garage

Amsterdam’s largest and world’s first underwater bike garage opened its doors on January 25

In the heart of Amsterdam, the Dutch capital spent € 50 million to create a parking structure that can store 7,000 bicycles in a submerged facility at the city’s central train station. It is the world's first underwater bicycle parking facility.

Official opening

The Stationsplein bicycle garage at the front of Amsterdam Central Station was officially opened on the 25th of January 2023 by Vivianne Heijnen, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management. Architectural firm wUrck was responsible for the design of the bicycle garage, which was realized by contractor Max Bögl on behalf of the Municipality of Amsterdam. In addition, wUrck supervised the architectural components of the entire entrance, including several bridges.

Next-level cycling infrastructure

The garage is part of a sophisticated infrastructure project to modernize the station in the Dutch capital. As well as the bike garage, there is also a new metro station, which quickly transports travellers to the city’s outskirts, and a tram stop nearby can take you all around Amsterdam. The next-level cycling infrastructure project in Amsterdam has been in the works for four years. 











A solution for its messy, overflowing bicycle parking facilities

The new underwater garage for 7,000 bicycles makes an end to the messy and overflowing bicycle parking facilities in front of the Amsterdam central station. It’s tucked away out of sight beneath the clear waters and pleasure boats. Bikes can be parked freely for 24 hours and then at a cost of €1.35 for the next 24 hours.

The bicycle detection technology uses optic sensors and a smart software algorithm that is able to simultaneously detect up to 20 bicycle parking slots. The system will detect available spaces. Green and red lights are shown to indicate if parking spaces are available or not.

Two-tier bicycle racks by VelopA

VelopA - European market leader in bicycle parking - supplied the two-tier bicycle racks, CapaCITY, for this project. The CapaCITY allows to store bicycles one above the other, thus doubling storage capacity at a stroke. The system uses integrated gas springs to provide assistance when lifting bicycles to the upper level.

Projects in Europe

As cycling becomes more popular around the world and particularly in Europe, it is expected that similar projects soon will be realized by our distributors in Romania, Poland, Denmark, Spain, France, UK, Germany, etc.

  • location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • location type: Underground bike garage

  • customer: City of Amsterdam

  • year of placement: 2023


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