Brighton Cycle Hub

Officially opened on 26th March 2015, this cycle hub will prove itself to be a priceless asset to the station with the building itself being a multi-use communal area. This bike storage was designed to Southern Rail's specific needs.

The entire ground floor of the Cycle Hub is full of Easylift+ two-tier storage. Our two-tier was the ideal product for this kind of project due to the need to be as space efficient as possible! Our Easylift+ was the first in the UK with gas assist upper arms. This makes lifting and lowering the upper arms both easier and safer. Further improvements include having the lightweight aluminium arms on casters so cyclists aren’t dragging metal along metal. Once drawn out, the upper arms of the Easylift+ don’t come crashing down which means they are easy and safe to use. Combined with all of this, our Easylift+ is still the only two-tier in the UK market whose upper arm reaches all the way to the floor. This means that cyclists are not required to lift their bikes to load them on to the upper tier. Other models require lifting the bike to either knee or even waist height. This might be okay for a super fit cyclist with a carbon fibre bike but to encourage casual users, the unfit or those with little upper body strength or with Dutch style bikes to cycle you need the upper arm to reach the floor.

  • Location: Brighton, Great Britain

  • location type: Railway station

  • customer: Southern Rail

  • Year of placement: 2015