VelopA-Up: : innovative two-tier bicycle rack for Port 7

Port 7, a former factory for prefab concrete panels, offers not only modern office centers but also high-quality amenities, including shops, restaurants, daycare centers, hotels, and temporary housing. Surrounding the complex is a spacious two-hectare public area filled with greenery, featuring a riverside promenade, seating, and sports facilities. Everything has been developed as energy-efficiently as possible to minimize the ecological footprint.

For this impressive project, VelopA has been selected as the supplier of bike parking solutions. The new and innovative VelopA-Up bike rack was chosen for its quality, sleek design, and user-friendliness. The decision was also influenced by the need to maximize the use of available space, with the double-layer racks providing an efficient solution. In total, 84 bike parking spots have been created for this unique project.

If you want to learn more about the VelopA-Up, please get in touch with our advisors to explore the options.

  • location: Praag, Czechia

  • location type: bicycle shelter

  • customer: Skanska

  • year of placement: 2023


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