A garden for those living with senile dementia

The Von Broichhausen-Stift care home in Kempen, Germany, has a garden that is specifically designed for those with senile dementia. The number of residents with senile dementia in the care home is growing. So the new garden had to be accessible, securely enclosed and easy to monitor. There is room in the garden to move around safely, and the garden stimulates memories.

“We have already had some very good experiences. The products have proved themselves and all groups get a lot of use out of them...” Dipl.-Ing. Patricia Schürmann, Head of the City Parks Committee, Kempen


Ms Schürmann of the City Parks Committee in Kempen, who was involved in the design of this garden, talks about its special features: ‘It is important that the garden is a space where you feel comfortable, where you can have some privacy and relax. This applies to residents, visitors and employees alike.’ In the garden there is a recreation of a bus stop and the garden contains elements that stimulate the senses.


Warm materials and a design that elderly people feel comfortable with.
The Vivanti products that were selected have a warm look and feel, and have been designed especially for the elderly, of course. VelopA is the only market player that can supply these products for the elderly. The benches were installed for one month as a trial, and the residents were very happy with them. The design also matches the other street furniture in Kempen.

“There’s nothing that we would have done differently. We are all very pleased with the garden and it gets used a lot!“ Dipl.-Ing. Patricia Schürmann, Head of the City Parks Committee, Kempen

  • Location: Kempen, Germany

  • location type: Health Care Institution

  • customer: Stadt Kempen