Van Bronckhorstveld in Krimpen aan den IJssel

“The assessment committee and the kids present were very impressed with your plan!” Quoting Johan Baars, purchasing coordinator for the Municipality of Krimpen aan den IJssel, when the contract for the construction of a multipurpose artificial grass pitch near Zwaneneiland was awarded to VelopA in 2016. In cooperation with our artificial pitch supplier KSP, we drafted an action plan and created a suitable design in less than a month. In the end, the presentation for the kids was the deciding factor.

The municipality gifted the Omnistadium sports field to Giovanni van Bronckhorst on 22 May 2017.
Since 2014, Krimpen aan den IJssel’s youth have been trying to get the municipality to construct a sports field in a central location in town. A group of young people in the 8-20 age range got together with representatives from the municipality and youth workers to discuss which sports they would like to be able to play. 

All their efforts were greatly rewarded two years later. Krimpen aan den IJssel got its own Omnistadium with a length of almost forty metres where the city’s youth can come together for a game of football, volleyball, tennis, korfball, hockey or badminton.

A storage box designed specifically for storing diverse sports equipment is included and also serves as a dug-out. Two strong advantages to the Omnistadium are the fact that it has an extremely low-noise design and is accessible for disabled persons.
This does more than just fulfil the youth’s wishes. The installation of the new Omnistadium has led to the creation of new possibilities for youth workers from SynerKri, surrounding schools, local residents and sports associations in the neighbourhood. 

Van Bronckhorstveld
The Omnistadium was christened Van Bronckhorstveld on 22 May 2017, after former football player and Feyenoord football club manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who was honoured in his hometown on the same day for winning the national championships.

  • Location: Ouverturelaan

  • location type: park in a central location in town

  • customer: Municipality of Krimpen aan den IJssel

  • Year of placement: 2017