New bicycle parking facility in Ghent City: for every type of bicycle

The City of Ghent in Belgium wanted to offer visitors and employees a total solution in terms of bicycle parking, where all the luxury for bicycles can be found. Think of charging points for electric bicycles, racks for scooters and bicycles, lockers for folding bicycles, and a bicycle maintenance station where you can inflate your tire. But also extra space for cargo bikes.

A real innovation in this bicycle parking facility is the extended charging point with a locker for chargers and e-bikes. This idea originated with the metal worker Erwin Rogiest from the Ghent City Office. The City Office included his idea and prototype in the tender, with VelopA's design being the best fit. VelopA has taken the Fourchet+ bicycle rack as a starting point for this, with the standard charging points being extended with lockers and and lock attachment rings. There are several advantages of the charging points combined with lockers. You can easily access your locker, store your e-bike charger in the locker and secure the bicycle with your chain lock at the same time. All the cables and chargers are not lying around on the floor either.

Ghent City Office is very satisfied with the solution. The bicycle parking facility is always filled with bicycles and all parking spaces are well used, including the charging points. In the meantime, the City of Ghent has also equipped all the city's carpool locations with these racks and charging points and there are still some projects to come.

“It was a new collaboration between the City of Ghent and VelopA. There were some teething troubles in the beginning, but VelopA resolved the problems quickly. We have achieved a good result, the end result is impressive," says Christine Droesbeke, Purchasing and Logistics Department, Fleet and Bicycle Management Department, Ghent City Office.

  • location: Ghent, Belgium

  • location type: Bicycle parking facility in city office

  • customer: City of Ghent

  • year of placement: 2023


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