Omnistadium sport cage in Uman, Ukraine

The horrible war in Ukraine has been going on for longer than a year, and despite the fact that many children's playgrounds have been destroyed, our Omnistadium sport cage in Uman in Ukraine (installed in 2020) has survived the bombings.  

A quote from our local partner in Ukraine:
“Our area is safe, but some of our playgrounds have been destroyed. Mariupol city on South-East of country is globally destroyed and the playgrounds also. Some equipment was also stolen and moved to Russia.”

We are proud to announce that we have been able to contribute to something positive for Ukraine. We are also in a process with our partner to start new projects in Ukraine. In parts of the country where it is relatively calm and where children can and should be able to play outside.

The Omnistadium is suitable for all sports all year round and gives children an opportunity to play freely with others.

  • location: Uman in Ukraine

  • customer: ElitePark LLC

  • year of placement: 2022


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