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Sports cages for the neighbourhood or a recreation facility

Sports cages are bordered sports fields that are often used in residential areas and recreation facilities. They can be used for a variety of sports, such as football, basketball and hockey. The walls keep the ball on the field and prevent inconvenience. The height of the walls is determined by the sports to be played in the sports cage and its proximity to houses, ditches or busy roads.

VelopA has various sports fields in its product range. The Omnistadium is a large and multifunctional sports cage where seven different sports can be played. The Panna Field and the Panna Ring are smaller football cages and very suitable for smaller football courts. The Ballrink has been developed as a hockey pitch, but is of course also suitable for football.

Omnistadium | The ultimate sports cage

VelopA - Omnistadium

The cool appearance of the Omnistadium is enticing enough for a semi-professional game of football. The design is based on that of famous, large stadiums. In addition to football, the Omnistadium lends itself to other types of sports, such as basketball and volleyball. There is never a dull moment in an Omnistadium.

Populair solutions

Sports cage with a cost-recovery model

Every company invests in the future. Particularly in the recreational sector, it is common to continue development of a distinctive character for a campsite or holiday park.

But what represents a reasonable payback period? And how can this be shortened?

VelopA has an interesting range of sports products that are very suitable for a cost-recovery model. This can be achieved by renting out certain facilities to residents or guests, for example.

Are you curious about how holiday park RCN De Roggeberg has done this?

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