Two tier bicycle parking

Bicycles are making a vital contribution to solving today's mobility problems. After all, more cycling means less congestion on the road and it is better for our environment. But what about the problem of bicycle parking near busy places such as railway stations, schools, hospitals, and city-centre shops and businesses? A two-tier bicycle parking system allows cyclists to park their bikes even when space is limited.


No location is the same. That's why a two tier bicycle parking solution is customized to your needs. Please feel free to contact us. Visit our contact page to get in touch.


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VelopA - Easylift Premium - Two tier bicycle parkingsystem

Easylift Premium

VelopA International - CapaCITY Two tier bicycle parkingsystem




Only available in the Benelux!

The new generation in dual-level bicycle parking

Easylift Premium and CapaCITY are the latest generation of VelopA’s two tier bicycle parking systems.  Without a doubt the best, most beautiful and most efficient two tier bicycle racks on the market!

Your advantages:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Doubling storage capacity at a stroke
  • Exceptionally user-friendly and safe
  • Sustainable, reliable and low-maintenance
  • Connectable; no loss of parking spaces
  • Easy to move and install elsewhere



Easylift Premium


Use-friendly *** **
unique damping system V  
low sill height (the bicycle hardly has to be lifted at all) 31 cm 37 cm
controlled "hands-free" descent V  
locking system for the bicycle V V
ergonomically designed, non-slip handgrips V V
colour markers, marker posts or identification numbers V V
drainage system V V
Integrated detection system possible V V
Securing loop V V
extra locking loop (International Connection Facility (ICF)) V V
Centre to centre distance
Other C-T-C distances are negotiable.
37,5 and 40 cm 37,5 and 40 cm


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