Omnistadium | The ultimate multi-court experience

The sturdy construction and design of the Omnistadium entices you to a semi-professional game of football. The construction is based on the design of well-known football stadiums. As well as football, the pitch is also suitable for other ball games, such as basketball and volleyball. Omnistadium is the perfect antidote to boredom!


✓ one site, suitable for various games

✓ noise reduction; designed with extra vibration isolators

✓ modular: put together your own design

✓ available in various colours

✓ resistant to graffiti and vandalism


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Modular multi-court Omnistadium

Omnistadium modular multi-court | VelopA International

Every Omnistadium is cutom made | VelopA International

Custom made

Every project and location have different requirements. When it concerns sports, maintenance, surroundings or a special purpose the multi-court needs to fulfil. We've got a specialised team that creates a custom made solution for you.


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